About the Author

    Colleen K. Snyder has always had a passion for writing. She authored two previously published books: Journey to Amanah: The Beginning and Return to Tebel-Ayr: The Journey Continues (B&H Publishing), 1990 & 1993. She lives on a “ranchette” in California and is the junior-est ranch hand. Her Word from the Lord for 2023 is "Be." In that vein, she makes herself available to run errands, be supportive, and be present. She also writes, drinks coffee, cooks, drinks coffee, bakes cookies, drinks coffee, and helps around the house.  Colleen has worked as a factory line worker, pharmacy technician, USAF missile systems analyst, janitor, nanny, teacher, accounting manager, and whatever else the Lord required. 
Her story is for His glory, always.