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NOW AVAILABLE! A new series:

Knights of the Octagon: Benefactor

It’s life or death. Can they pull together to survive?

Dumped from a raft in the middle of God literally only knows where, four friends are stranded in the wilderness. No cellphones. No maps. No food. Three pocket knives, a compass, and each other are all they have.

Until two shadowy figures lead Micah and his friends to a stash of survival equipment scrounged from the river. Who are these mysterious benefactors? What do they want? 

Then rescue comes with a catch. Micah and his friends can wait four days to be taken to civilization or join a real-life quest for a million dollars. The Magary treasure hunt—going on its fiftieth year with no winners—has seen deaths before. With a murderer in the field, will the men become victims?

 Is the reward worth the risk? Can the Knights work as a team to not only survive but find a treasure no one else has found? Where is God in their search? In their lives?

 Join the Knights of the Octagon on their first adventure.

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Book Two: MIA

Q is missing.

Quinn Magary, patron, supporter, champion of the Knights of the Octagon, is missing. Five days late from a three-day personal assignment, and no one can find him.

Then Grace Painter, another member of the Knights, disappears without warning. The remaining Knights, Tav, Luke, and Micah, vow to find their friends and mentors.

Until someone runs Tav off the road. And Micah is nearly murdered at Grace Painter’s worksite. An innocent lunch date becomes a conflagration as a shadowy figure blows up the restaurant. Dead bodies appear. Knights are battered, kidnapped, and left for dead. Who is after them?

What can they do to end the attacks? And above all, where are Quinn and Grace?

Join the Knights for their next adventure.

Book Three:

The Quake is Coming

 Impeccable research from a brave geologist predicts a major earthquake for the local area. Soon. Within thirty days soon. Not all his colleagues agree with his conclusions. The quake is coming? Absolutely. But three weeks? More like three years. Maybe. 

A group of young men are convinced of the geologist’s calculations. They’re preparing for it. Frantically buying food and supplies for the survivors. But will there be any? Of the five thousand people in town, how many will believe their report? “Orton’s Crazies,” people call them. “Cultists” who want to sit on a hilltop and wait for the end to come.

 It would be easier for the Knights not to tell anyone and simply get out of town. But then how many deaths will be on their heads? How do you convince people—family, friend, and foe alike—of a truth they don’t want to hear?

 The quake is coming. What would you do about it?

Still Available: The Collin Walker Series:

Verdict at the River’s Edge

What terrifies you?

In the dark recess of your soul, what is it that you’ve managed to avoid, to hide, to bury deep, never to be faced? And what if the Lord asked you to face that fear for no other reason than, “Because I’m asking?” What would you do?

Welcome to Collin Walker’s world.

Collin Walker, a social worker from the inner city of Oakton, Ohio comes to Camp Grace for what is billed as “an extreme sports camp.” Her single purpose: to show her ward, Rob Sider, that there is more to life than the streets “ you can be strong and still love, win without cheating, and succeed in life without all the bells and whistles...” Collin has no way of knowing that God has other plans for her week: facing a lifelong terror of rushing rivers, and perhaps her greatest fear of all, the possibility of real love.

Jeff Farrell is the camp “go-to”man: janitor, tour guide, paramedic... Collin finds his easy banter, gentle humor and quick wit intriguing. As their paths cross over and over—and over and over—Collin finds herself drawn to him. When Rob picks whitewater rafting as his challenge and asks Collin to come along, Collin must muster all her rigid self-control and her faith to face her fear. But when a killer makes her his next target, which will she rely on to see her through?

Her strength? Or her faith? Can she “walk the talk” when the events of the week spiral out of her control?

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Three hundred MILLION dollars. Your inheritance. Buy anything you want, go anywhere you want, do anything you want. All yours. Except…

You’re a social worker. How do you maintain “street cred” with the kids you’ve devoted your life to?

How will that kind of money affect the man you love

And then there’s your birth family. The ones that abandoned you to die at fourteen. The ones you suspect even now are trying to have you killed over the money. How do you share with them? Or do you?

What would Jesus do? What would He want you to do? Would you do it?

Welcome back to Collin Walker’s world...

Collin’s life has been both turned upside down and inside out. With her grandfather’s passing, she has been forced into a position she never wanted. Her inheritance of millions comes with baggage: Collin's father and his brothers have been fighting for it since before she was born. It is the very heart of the reason she’s been estranged from her family the past twelve years.

But now, with the will coming into effect, Collin must revisit all the old relationships and all the old traumas. She thought she had made peace with her past through the Lord. But when the past becomes the present, will she still forgive? Even if it’s her family that wants her dead?\

Join her and find out.

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When was the last time you lied?

Do you lie to keep a secret?
Or do you keep a secret to hide a lie?

Collin Farrell has a secret, and she can’t wait to tell her husband.

Jeff Farrell has a secret, too, one he’s been hiding from Collin since before they married.

Collin’s brother, Erin, has a girlfriend with a secret she won’t tell.
Vy Johnson is a DEA agent who knows all about lies and secrets.

What happens when Secrets and Lies collide?

Cars get crushed (with the drivers inside.)
Homes explode.
Marriages implode.
Careers—and lives—are jeopardized.

Can God work even this together for the good of all involved and still get the glory from it?

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“Choose. One lives. One dies.”

What do you do when hope is all you have?

Is it really all you need?

Where is God when every choice looks dark?

Erin Winger’s finacée and his infant niece have been violently kidnapped. . The kidnappers don’t want money. They want revenge. And not against Erin or the baby’s mother. No, the kidnappers want revenge against Erin’s father. The father Erin and his sister put in prison three years ago. A cold-hearted man who has no interest in saving anyone.

Bound, gagged, and imprisoned in an abandoned shack in the deep of winter, can Erin’s fiancée and the baby survive? In the race between hypothermia and life, can they both endure the sub-freezing temperatures long enough for help to reach them?

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"One man in a thousand, Solomon says, will stick more close than a brother...But the thousandth man will stand by your side, to the gallows' feet and after." Rudyard Kipling

Who is your "thousandth man?" The friend with who you can share your heart and soul? The one who knows your triumphs, your loves, your weakness, your fears?

What if they betray you?

Someone is trying to destroy Collin Farrell by tormenting her with reminders of the past. They are planting letters in the house—while she's home—threatening her and her children. The same someone has let loose lies and rumors that can destroy Collin's reputation and character.

Only a friend would be close enough to pull it off. But which one? Who hates her? Who wants to drive her away from the church? Destroy her family? Can she distinguish between who loves her and who is merely pretending? Can you?


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It started with a simple idea. Jeff and Collin Farrell want to hold a company retreat. A week’s stay at their private lodge, all expenses covered. Everyone is welcome. Come have a great time.

Until someone gets shot. Someone dies. Natural causes? Stupidity? Murder?

The week had become a nightmare. Will a murderer walk free? Does Injustice get a pass? Where is God?

When you know the truth, but the Law turns a blind eye, how do you reconcile the God of Justice with the God of Mercy? Can He be both?

Walk with the Farrells as they find out.

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She’s eighteen. A visitor to a tornado-stricken town in need of help. Half of the residents think she’s a saint. The other half wants her dead. Who is she? Why do people want to kill her?

Brother Matt Golding is a store-front preacher in Oakton, the capital of Ohio. He sends a team of his young congregants to assist a friend, Pastor Phillip Mars, in Rallins, Indiana. The small farm community was devastated by a category three tornado. In the aftermath of the storm, Pastor Mars’s church burned to the ground.

But Collin Walker, the team’s youngest member, claims the church burned through arson. How can a barely eighteen-year-old possibly know that? 

Know it she does. Now someone is afraid of the other small-town secrets she might expose. They are determined to have her injured and sent home. Failing that, they want her killed. What other skills does Walker have? Can they save her? Will they?

Come meet Walker in:


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Finding Freedom

After 35 years of bondage, can Dash Warren find the courage to break the strings of her husband's control? If she leaves, will he come after her? Which voice will determine her steps? Fear? Or the Lord leading her where she's never been before?

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