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She’s eighteen. A visitor to a tornado-stricken town in need of help. Half of the residents think she’s a saint. The other half wants her dead. Who is she? Why do people want to kill her?

 Brother Matt Golding is a store-front preacher in Oakton, the capital of Ohio. He sends a team of his young congregants to assist a friend, Pastor Phillip Mars, in Rallins, Indiana. The small farm community was devastated by a category three tornado. In the aftermath of the storm, Pastor Mars’s church burned to the ground.

But Collin Walker, the team’s youngest member, claims the church burned through arson. How can a barely eighteen-year-old possibly know that?

Know it she does. Now someone is afraid of the other small-town secrets she might expose. They are determined to have her injured and sent home. Failing that, they want her killed. What other skills does Walker have? Can they save her? Will they?

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