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Write to me. I'd love to hear what you think. 

I always have time for readers, readers who want to be writers, readers who don't like writers, readers of all kinds. I really, really do want to hear from you. 

Two ways to tell me what you think:

1. Leave a review on Amazon. It's a big deal to authors. Honest. Much of what we do depends on those reviews. Make them honest. Make them short, if you want. "I liked it." "It was good." "It was okay."

2. email me at Especially if you didn't like the book (whichever one it was.) Tell me what I did wrong. Tell me what I did right. Ask me "what was this about?" "I didn't get the joke." "I got the joke, and it wasn't funny." Anything. I'd love it. And I will answer.

In His Love,

colleen k snyder